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With this work, the artist wants to show the unbelievable variety of colors and shapes in nature. Corina Capri was inspired by the exotic fauna of Hawaii, where she stayed on one of her travels. The picture exudes a warm, peaceful, almost paradisiacal atmosphere full of vitality. The balance between strong and fine tones, large and small, wild and ordered, expanding and decaying gives the picture that special something.

Oahu l

Preisab 120,00 CHF
  • Das Bild wird als hochwertiger Art-Print gerahmt und geliefert.
    Bitte unter "Format" Grösse auswählen.

    Die Rahmenmasse betragen  30 x 40 cm (Bildgrösse 19.5 x 29.3 cm) oder 40 x 50 cm (Bildgrösse 27.2 x 34.4 cm)

    Für die Erwerbung des Originalwerks, individuelle Formate oder Rahmungen bitte das Kontaktformular benutzen!



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