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About me


No color was safe for me. I quickly had my favorite felt-tip pens at hand and they quickly ran out! A drawing book was also usually there, and inspiration was in the air. From an early age I wrote stories that I made up and drew pictures to go with them. So today I enjoy my studio in Uetikon am See and am happy to know that there are always tons of tubes full of paint and paper waiting for me. And maybe they are waiting for you too? But back again... Many years later it was obvious that I decided to study art and design. This led me to many years of work as a designer at home and abroad. But I always seemed to be missing something. Even though I was “successful,” I felt empty inside. The more “successful” I was, the emptier I felt. Constantly looking at the computer screen awakened a longing for space, depth and inner meaning in me. So I left that path and followed my heart - from then on I chose what felt good to me. This path took courage, but it filled me more and more. I began to work creatively with people and my own artistic expression also developed. Since living in our house in Wollishofen in the middle of the breathtaking garden, I have found my own artistic style. Things often happen at the same time - because we are ready for them? Because we internally agree to the changes? Do you also have things or situations in your life that you would like to change? The creative process is always connected to your personal development. ​ The Art Studio am See is ready for you, to come up with new stories and designs to be filled and filled. If you are interested in my offers, I look forward to hearing from you!

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